Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nessie Located at Last?

Some times solving a mystery is less satisfying than believing in the myth. 

Is the Loch Ness monster DEAD? Picture of skeletal remains on shoreline stuns tourists
It is one of the world's great mysteries - does the infamous Loch Ness monster exist?

Well, if this picture is anything to go by, it certainly doesn't anymore.

This bizarre image appearing to show the skeletal remains of a beast on the banks of the famous Scottish loch have started quite the debate.

The apparent remains can be seen surrounded by police tape.

It is claimed that a dog walker stumbled across the bizarre sight on the banks of Loch Ness yesterday.~
Personally I believe the Loch Ness monster will stay mythical.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Solar minimum on the way?

I posted about this earlier and while it's not "global warming" type of panic it is something to be aware of.
After you get more than one or two decades under your belt you begin to realize that weather occurs in cycles and many other more powerful forces than man influences those cycles.

Why the sun going blank means a ‘Game of Thrones’-like winter is coming
You may not have noticed but our sun has gone as blank as a cue ball. As in, it’s lost its spots.

According to scientists, this unsettling phenomenon is a sign we are heading for a mini ice age.

Meteorologist and renowned sun-watcher Paul Dorian raised the alarm in his latest report, which has sparked a mild panic about an impending “Game of Thrones”-style winter not seen since the 17th century.

“For the second time this month, the sun has gone completely blank,” Dorian says.

“The blank sun is a sign that the next solar minimum is approaching and there will be an increasing number of spotless days over the next few years.

“At first, the blankness will stretch for just a few days at a time, then it’ll continue for weeks at a time, and finally it should last for months at a time when the sunspot cycle reaches its nadir. The next solar minimum phase is expected to take place around 2019 or 2020.”

According to NASA, the sun goes through a natural solar cycle approximately every 11 years. The cycle is marked by the increase and decrease of sunspots — visible as dark blemishes on the sun’s surface, or photosphere. The greatest number of sunspots in any given solar cycle is designated as “solar maximum.” The lowest number is “solar minimum.”~
I guess it won't be long before various 20+ somethings start panicking about "global cooling" like they did back in the 70's.
Wonder if I'll live long enough to see them go back to crapping there pants over "global warming" again?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Some Things Should be above Politics

So much for democrat politicians being for the weak and downtrodden.

Senate Democrats block Zika funding, blame Republicans
In the short term, Democrats are more open to criticism: After clamoring for new Zika funding for months, they are set to vote against a bill at funding levels they’ve already agreed to. They’ve offered myriad objections: That the bill is paid for irresponsibly, inordinately relaxes clean water regulations and was constructed with no Democratic input. On Tuesday morning, Planned Parenthood wrote all Senate offices opposing the bill, arguing that “a vote against this bill will be seen as a vote for women’s health care.”
Just kind of let that quote sink in a little and then consider if we're really electing anyone from either party that gives one little shit about our well being.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Who can resist #BabesforTrump?

Left wing zealots can of course.
They're having a fit over 
 Personally I'm enjoying it after all the #NeverTrump nonsense especially on Facebook. You really can't have a civil conversation with anyone about Trump without the #NeverTrump trolls swarming in.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Blue Angel Flights Back On

I used to be in the Navy and have watched the Blue Angels a bunch of times over the years.
Hopefully they'll be back in my area again soon.

Navy: Blue Angels will resume flight demonstrations July 2
PENSACOLA, Fla. — Navy officials say its Blue Angels will resume performances a month after one of their pilots was killed in a crash while practicing for an air show.

In a statement Saturday, Cmdr. Ryan Bernacchi said the elite flight demonstration squadron was grateful for its fans' patience as it "navigated through this very difficult loss of our teammate."

The Blue Angels canceled performances after the death of Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss. Kuss died June 2 when his F/A-18 jet crashed just after takeoff while practicing for a Tennessee air show.~
RIP  Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Understanding BREXIT

I gotta say that until all the big hub-bub over Britain leaving the EU I never really gave it much thought. But then I started reading about it some and some of the piddly assed regulations they're handing down and I realized the ones who want to leave have a point.

EU to launch kettle and toaster crackdown after Brexit vote
The EU is poised to ban high-powered appliances such as kettles, toasters, hair-dryers within months of Britain’s referendum vote, despite senior officials admitting the plan has brought them “ridicule”.

The European Commission plans to unveil long-delayed ‘ecodesign’ restrictions on small household appliances in the autumn. They are expected to ban the most energy-inefficient devices from sale in order to cut carbon emissions.

The plans have been ready for many months, but were shelved for fear of undermining the referendum campaign if they were perceived as an assault on the British staples of tea and toast.~
Typical tactic of the elites.
We've been going through the same thing here in the U.S.A. and it's one of the reasons Donald Trump is doing so well.
Republicans basically just want to do what the democrats want to do, they just want to do it in a republican style.
Americans are fed up with politicians saying one thing and then doing the other.
Truth is Donald Trump is the American "exit" cause we're exiting the republican elitist system and rejecting the same old power structure.

The Sun and its Blank Stare

solar image spotless for the second time this month
Make of this what you will.

‘The sun goes blank again during the weakest solar cycle in more than a century’
Consequences of a solar minimum
Contrary to popular belief, solar minimum is not a period of complete quiet and inactivity as it is associated with numerous interesting changes.  First, cosmic rays surge into the inner solar system with relative ease during periods of solar minimum.  Galactic cosmic rays coming from outside the solar system must propagate upstream against the solar wind and a thicket of solar magnetic fields.  Solar wind decreases and sun’s magnetic field weakens during solar minimums making it easier for cosmic rays to reach the Earth.  This is a more dangerous time for astronauts as the increase in potent cosmic rays can easily shatter a strand of human DNA. Also, during years of lower sunspot number, the sun’s extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV) drops and the Earth’s upper atmosphere cools and contracts. With sharply lower aerodynamic drag, satellites have less trouble staying in orbit— a good thing. On the other hand, space junk tends to accumulate, making the space around Earth a more dangerous place for astronauts.
Meteorologist Paul Dorian
Vencore, Inc.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thoughts on Fathers Day

I hope everyone had a great fathers day.
As a father I can tell you that I enjoy being around my kids more than any gift they could think of to get me, especially now that they're adults.
I'm also sure they get kind of tired when I go on about the days before the internet, cable TV and how we still found things interesting.

There wasn't a whole lot of choices for late night viewing mostly because the TV satations would sign off at various times after midnight.

One show that I regularly enjoyed was Dick Cavett and his various conversations with different personalities of the time. Janis Joplin was on his program a lot, she seemed to enjoy it and Dick Cavett seemed to enjoy interviewing her.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Zika and Environmental Negligence

Forget the massive death toll from mosquito born diseases like malaria because of the fanatical war on DDT because now we have another costly threat.

Zika virus.

CDC: 3 babies with Zika-linked birth defects born in US
NEW YORK (AP) — Three babies with Zika-linked birth defects have been born in the U.S., the government reported Thursday in its first accounting of outcomes for pregnant women infected with the virus.

The defects were also seen in three other pregnancies that ended.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been tracking the pregnancies of women with Zika infections since the beginning of the year. So far, 234 pregnant women — residents and visitors — have been diagnosed with Zika.

Some babies have been born with no immediate signs of problems, according to the CDC's Dr. Denise Jamieson, but she would not say how many. Most of the pregnancies are ongoing.

All the cases are connected to travel to areas with outbreaks of the mosquito-borne virus, primarily Latin America and the Caribbean. There's been no local spread of Zika in the U.S.

The health agency provided few details about the six women, their pregnancies, the birth defects or their severity. Three cases ended in "pregnancy loss" but the CDC did not say whether it was from miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion.~
It's still early and these numbers can only go up if they haven't already, you know how government isn't really forthcoming with bad news.

Responsible use of DDT can lessen the impact of this virus as well as many other diseases but our politicians lack the testicular fortitude to stand up to a very vocal minority of fanatics. Mostly because protecting their phony baloney jobs is more important than the people of this country,

Politicians and radical environmentalist own this.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On Drafting Women

Here's something I never thought I'd see but,I suppose if you live long enough, anything is possible.

Senate Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft
WASHINGTON — In the latest and perhaps decisive battle over the role of women in the military, Congress is embroiled in an increasingly intense debate over whether they should have to register for the draft when they turn 18.

On Tuesday, the Senate approved an expansive military policy bill that would for the first time require young women to register for the draft. The shift, while fiercely opposed by some conservative lawmakers and interest groups, had surprisingly broad support among Republican leaders and women in both parties.

The United States has not used the draft since 1973 during the Vietnam War. But the impact of such a shift, reflecting the evolving role of women in the armed services, would likely be profound.

Under the Senate bill passed on Tuesday, women turning 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018, would be forced to register for Selective Service, as men must do now. Failure to register could result in the loss of various forms of federal aid, including Pell grants, a penalty that men already face. Because the policy would not apply to women who turned 18 before 2018, it would not affect current aid arrangements.

“The fact is,” said Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona and the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, “every single leader in this country, both men and women, members of the military leadership, believe that it’s fair since we opened up all aspects of the military to women that they would also be registering for Selective Services.”

The Supreme Court ruled in 1981 that women did not have to register for the draft, noting that they should not face the same requirements as men because they did not participate on the front lines of combat. But since Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said in December that the Pentagon would open all combat jobs to women, military officials have told Congress that women should also sign up for the draft.~
The last time this country used the draft in Vietnam,the way the democrats prosecuted the war in a seemingly unending fashion generated a lot of resentment.
We don't seem to fight wars to win them anymore as much as we seem to send young men into a never ending meat grinder to die or be maimed while our politicians strut around bickering with each other for political points.Instead of simply going in, complete the mission as quickly as possible and then get our people out.

I'm sure there will also be plenty of deferments for the well connected and if whatever war they're drafting for goes sour the weasel politicians will carve out exceptions for whatever group that is popular to pander to at the time. It seems like the only time politicians can be resolute is when it comes to taxes.

The truly interesting test will be when protests erupt and the burning of draft cards/notices occur and the first woman is prosecuted for draft evasion.

I got a feeling the powers that be will lose their resolve then.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Government education

Here's a link to a few stories that should have taxpayers in a conniption over how their tax dollars are being wasted "for the children".

The Bad, the Ugly and…the Perky

Three recent stories point to the self-serving teacher union mentality.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Awakening of a Protected Class

I don't think there's any doubt in a lot of peoples minds that the most popular protected class in America are members of the LGBT community. When they speak the media listens unless of course it's against another protected class......that being of course Muslims.

Gays come out for Trump after Orlando terror attack
The horror of Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando at a gay nightclub has sent shockwaves throughout the LGBT community and forced many to change their support from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.
On Reddit, a gay man who lost a friend in the terror attack at Pulse said that he was never more ready to see Trump take office and wanted to volunteer for the billionaire’s campaign.
“I’m shaken, I’m a mess, I’m broken, but I’ve never been more determined for a leader to actually take charge and make a change, how do i get started. How do I help this man lead us into a safer country?” 4yyyy wrote.
Another gay man posted that he was gay and liberal, but had enough of political correctness and is voting for Trump for his honesty.
“Never thought this would happen, but Trump is honestly the only candidate anymore speaking his mind and not pandering for a living. I guess I’m a gay centipede?” triplebro wrote.
The political correctness coming out of the left and their ability to blame gun owners instead of radical jihadists infuriated another gay man who said he officially joined the Trump train.
“I am a gay man and this disgusting incident has persuaded me to join the Trump train!”
Snowduckling wrote. “I think it’s horrible that adherents of Islam are allowed to spread their hate without any criticism and with tons of censorship. What we have clearly isn’t working and we need a change. Hillary and Sanders will just roll over and put out the welcome mat for more Islamic influence and terror. With Trump we at least stand a chance.”~
The liberal media must be beside themselves not knowing how to handle this tragedy.
But it seems that some in the "gay" community are waking up to idea that they are simply pawns for liberal politics and being used.

In a way it would be kind of sad if the Orlando killings would be the final straw to force liberal politicians and media to do/say something about un-vetted Muslims entering the country. As if the liberal politicians and media can only mobilize for protected classes as opposed to doing so for all citizens.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nothing to do with religion......

The bodies weren't even cold yet when this statement was made basically right out of the gate.

Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Mass Casualties After Gunman Opens Fire in Gay Club
At least 50 people were killed and more than 50 others wounded after a gunman opened fire and took hostages at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning.
The shooter was identified by several law enforcement sources as Omar Mateen, 29.
The massacre — which is now the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States — began when the gunman stormed the Pulse Nightclub about 2 a.m., with an AR-15 type rifle and a handgun, officials said. 
He was shot dead about three hours later when a SWAT team entered the club, police said. Eleven Orlando police officers and three Orange County sheriff's deputies exchanged fire with Mateen, authorities said. 
The incident is being investigated as an act of terrorism. Mir Seddique, Mateen's father, told NBC News, "this has nothing to do with religion." Seddique said his son got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago and thinks that may be related to the shooting. 
The law enforcement sources told NBC News that Mateen was born in New York in 1986 and was listed as living at a residence in Port St. Lucie, about 125 miles south of Orlando. 
Mateen had active security officer and firearm licenses, according to Florida records, and his family said he worked in security.~
What surprises me is that these kinds of statements are actually made with a straight face.  That and the idea that the media thinks we're all believing it.
No matter what you think of being "gay",under no circumstances should it ever be considered an automatic death sentence.

The bewildering thing is that the leftists and their media lapdogs seem to be more concerned with photographers and bakers than importing an ideology that believes that killing homosexuals would be an act of compassion.

But then again liberalism is not about "caring" as much as it is about control and tyranny.
Sadly very few will get that.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Life Style Choices?

I suppose that everything is now set to go off the rails.

I quit my job to breastfeed my boyfriend every two hours
A mom is breastfeeding her boyfriend — 20 years after having children.
Jennifer Mulford took time off from her job as a bartender to induce breastfeeding because she wants to start an adult breastfeeding relationship (ABR) with Brad Leeson.
Because she has not given birth to a baby recently, she and Brad, 36, need to “dry feed” every two hours to fool her body into thinking she is feeding a child so she starts producing milk.
Jennifer was single when she stumbled across a website about ABR.~
I realize that I'm old and all, I mean I was born back in the days when women were anesthetized so they wouldn't have to go through the "agony" of child birth. Which means the baby was loopy too and then because mom was recovering they went right to a bottle.
It's a good thing that things have changed and new mothers are encouraged to breast feed if they're able.

But come on, This really seems to be a thing now. They even got a name for it.

There are some things no one should be able to evolve on.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hillary Dodges Softballs but Trump is a Racist

On the one hand the Clinton's have always been able to manipulate the media......and shame on the media for letting them do it.

I think it would be really enlightening if the press went after Hillary the way they do Trump but then again it would really be something if pigs could fly.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Getting Naked for the Right Reasons

I just got to link to this because it's a good point.
Also because I want to point out that with a whole internet full of porn maybe nudity isn't the most shocking way to get your point across.

I gotta warn you that the links in the article go to pictures of questionable erotica. As in there ain't much.
Not enough people own full length mirrors.

Dear Leftists, Stop Getting Naked To Make a Point
Why is it that every time an issue comes up, leftist protestors inevitably arrive at “let’s take our clothes off!” Honestly, I have yet to see an issue where flashing their junk wasn’t the route they took.~

Mohammed Ali Dead at Age 74

The big news is the passing of Mohammed Ali.
I remember when he was Cassius Clay and his conversion when he changed his name.

I also remember when he won the championship for the third time.

He and Howard Cosell always played off each other enhancing their respective images. Howard's been gone for a while but to me I can't think about one without thinking about the other.

The whole thing about the draft is what I find interesting though. Seeing as how so many democrats and liberals are coming out of the woodwork now to honor a guy who was found guilty of draft evasion. They seem to forget that it was democrats that were conscripting men against their will to fight a war that democrats had no intention of winning.
So basically democrats cost him his title and forced him to go to the Supreme Court to defend himself from having his freedom stripped away and sent over seas to become a moving target for a fickle foreign policy.

Whatever his reasons standing up against the democrat party that considers the citizens of this country property to do with as they please is a legacy I can stand behind.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Going Live

I've tried to do the political blogging thing mostly as a way to vent my frustrations, I've always seen myself as a conservative American and found that I'm a voice among many.
There's to many things out there to be outraged about and the truth is constantly searching for things to type some kind of angry screed about leaves you sort of one dimensional.

There are a lot of things that capture my interest, some I'm curious about and other things I don't understand so I'll write about them hoping someone can explain those things.
I like music and movies, nature and growing stuff and I may from time to time write about those things.

That doesn't mean I'm going to ignore politics and culture it just means I'm going to expand the things I talk about so I;ll be more than an "angry conservative".

I'm sure we all share more things in common than you or I think.