Sunday, July 31, 2016

Leftist Vapors

I'm pretty conservative but the truth is this doesn't faze me one little bit. An attractive young lady trying to make it in modeling really can't turn down very much to get exposure.

Pics at the link.

 Melania Trump like you’ve never seen her before
Donald Trump thinks his wife will be a model first lady — and here’s the proof.

Decades before she was sporting designer dresses on the stage of the Republican National Convention as Mrs. Trump, Melania Knauss posed nude in a photo spread for a now-defunct French men’s magazine, The Post has learned.

The leggy, Slovenian-born model — then 25 years old and known by her professional moniker Melania K. — did the steamy photo session in Manhattan in 1995, according to Alé de Basse­ville, the French photographer who shot the sexy snaps.

The images, some rarely seen and others never published, were obtained exclusively by The Post.~
Right there in bold really tells the story, if she wasn't married to Trump then no one would give them a second thought.
People need to stop being so easily manipulated by the biased media.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

By the Numbers

Here's a pretty useful list to keep handy.

Probably won't win you any arguments but at least you'll know where you stand.

Lets walk the other way today

How would you like to stroll by this everyday?

Swimsuit mural of Hillary Clinton creates a stir in Australia

I'm kind of surprised that their only objection is the near nudity.
 "We believe it is offensive because of the depiction of a near-naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton, in accordance with the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007," the council's chief executive Stephen Wall told Fairfax Media on Friday.

I don't know where the artist got his inspiration but this photo shop has been floating around the nets for a while.

Somehow I believe that Bubba has a copy of this pic in his wallet.
People need to learn that just because you can do something don't mean you should.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Male Prostitutes and the RNC

The real reason that republicans aren't winning the war on morals is because they ain't fighting it.

Male escorts are making crazy money at the RNC
It’s been a great week for gay escorts in Cleveland.

Male prostitutes contacted by The Post said business is booming and Republican National Convention attendees — most of them married — are clamoring for their services.

“Business has been way better. I’ve seen 10 clients so far,” one male escort said.

“Most of them were first-timers. You could tell they were nervous, but once they became more comfortable, they seemed to be having a good time.”

Another escort said he had already earned $1,600 since Monday — over six times the amount he usually makes.

“I normally only make $200 to $300, but I’ve been seeing lots of guys in hotels downtown,” he said, noting the boom in business near the Quicken Loans Arena.~
The female prostitutes don't seem to having the same success.
Now I'm not going to go on some tirade about morality an all that. I just think this is something to point out to all the pro family groups who think they have an ally in the republican establishment to maintain some kind of moral stability in society for their children.

 We keep re-electing these reprobates amd there are scads of people on social media going on about choosing upstanding morals, integrity and principles when they're foaming at the mouth about Donald Trump.
Yet they want us to keep electing the same old dishonest and morally bankrupt RINOs that the elites in the party want to foist on us.

Pretty comical if you ask me.

Again..... Political Pettiness

I'm not real big on political pundits, TV or radio, but it sure seems like the media always grabs onto some little gesture or sound bite and amplifies it into absurdity.

Behold in the video the next one picked up by the leftist lapdogs.

Good thing she didn't scratch her nose with her middle finger. the media would need a fainting couch style=.

Know nothing experts

Long but well worth the read.

Donald Trump Is Right About One Thing: Our Experts Know Nothing

The republicans seem to want to blame Trump and his supporters for their failure to nominate another spineless RINO and the democrats want to blame ......well just everybody.
But the truth is neither party has been able to come up with a solution to anything because they don't live in the real world.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Moon Landing....How Time Fly's

I was 15 years old when we first put a man on the moon.

47 years ago today, Apollo 11 landed on the moon
Wednesday marks the 47th anniversary of when NASA astronauts first landed on the moon, a giant leap of an accomplishment that still resonates today, over four and a half decades later.
Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins blasted off from Earth on a massive Saturn V rocket on July 16, 1969. Four days later, the Eagle module landed on the surface with Aldrin and Armstrong inside; Collins stayed behind in the orbiting Columbia craft.
Millions of people back on Earth watched, captivated, as Armstrong was the first down the ladder, then uttered his now-famous line: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”~
In spite of all the turmoil going on there was an air of excitement. Things were changing but at the same time there was optimism for the future. It's a shame that subsequent generations were robbed of that and we have descended into the malaise and uncertainty that we have now.
Hopefully it'll come back in the future.....probably long after I'm gone.

Another Media Squirrel Moment

All this plagiarism talk over Melania Trumps speech at the RNC convention is starting to wear on my nerves.
ABC news spent about 4 minutes on the subject tonight, lets face people, neither Melania Trump or Michelle Obama recited the Gettysburg address, The only difference that I could see is Melania may have meant what she said......Michelle not so much.

It's just another distraction by the media that they engage in at every presidential election that I can remember and just one more example of how poorly the media serves the voting public.
What amazes me is the number of people who fall for it and those numbers keep rising.

What really surprises me is that there hasn't been a huge backlash against the purveyors of crap journalism by the consumers in this country.
We should all be angry at the way the media embarrasses itself and the first amendment that they claim to revere.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nothing Sticks to Hillary

I lived in Arkansas when Bill Clinton occupied the governors mansion so it's no surprise to me that Hillary dodged charges from the FBI.

F.B.I. Director James Comey Recommends No Charges for Hillary Clinton on Email
WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said on Tuesday that the bureau would not recommend criminal charges in Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information, lifting an enormous legal cloud from her presidential campaign, hours before her first joint campaign appearance with President Obama.

But Mr. Comey rebuked Mrs. Clinton as being “extremely careless” in using a personal email address and server for sensitive information, declaring that an ordinary government official could have faced administrative sanction for such conduct.

To warrant a criminal charge, Mr. Comey said, there had to be evidence that Mrs. Clinton intentionally sent or received classified information — something that the F.B.I. did not find. “Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” he said at a news conference.

The Justice Department is highly likely to accept the F.B.I.’s instruction. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Friday that she would accept the recommendation of the F.B.I. and career prosecutors in the case, after questions were raised about an impromptu meeting between her and former President Bill Clinton at an airport in Phoenix.~
I doubt very seriously that the Clinton's will ever be held accountable for anything they've done over the years. The corruption of the elites just runs to deep.

Monday, July 4, 2016

First World Problems

I suppose they might have an argument but as far as being outraged goes this is a nothing burger.

Parents Outraged to Learn a Local Hooters Sponsored Cub Scout Camp
Several parents in Denver were outraged after recently discovering photos of their young boys posing next to Hooters girls at a Cub Scout camp.

Parents told ABC's Denver affiliate KMGH-TV that they were shocked after seeing the photos on the local Hooters' Facebook page.

Though the photos appear to have been taken down, several parents said they were still upset after learning the restaurant had actually sponsored the Cub Scout camp.

The Boy Scouts of America Denver Area Council confirmed that Hooters approached the council about working with the scouts and that the restaurant had given a financial contribution to the camp, KMGH reported.~
But then again with all the things that our youth are being attacked with on a daily basis and the relative impotence most parents feel about doing anything about it, maybe this is just one they think they can win.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Feeding the Beast

I'm all for discouraging people and kids to either quit or never take up the habit of cigarettes.
But what I'm not for is government finding ways to feed its insatiable appetite for more of our money.

New Cigarette Taxes Could Be On Ballot In Hesitant States 
 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — An entire generation has come of age since the last time Missouri raised its cigarette tax, from 13 cents a pack to 17 cents, in 1993. 
Today, it's the lowest tax in the nation. And Missouri is one of just three states — along with North Dakota and California — that has held cigarette taxes flat since the turn of century. In that time, other states have increasingly tapped smokers to fill budget gaps and raise money for services such as health care and education. 
That could soon change. Petitions are seeking to put higher cigarette taxes on the fall ballot in all three of those holdout states, as well as Colorado. 
Victories by anti-tobacco advocates would add to a surge that has already raised tens of billions of dollars for states while helping drive down the nation's smoking rate, from about a quarter of adults in 1990 to fewer than 17 percent in the most recent surveys.~
I get it that cigarettes are disgusting  and really if you think about it bans on smoking have really done more than the punitive taxes to reduce it.
My concern is where will it end?
Taxes aren't levied because government cares about you, they do it to confiscate more of your money to make it theirs.
They're already going after sugar and lets face it, pot legalization has more to do with revenue collection than "the will of the people".
Since when does the government give 2 shits about the will of the people?
Most will blindly go along with it and then government will use it as an excuse to find revenue where they please.

15 Dollar an Hour Fallout

Starting out on the lowest rung of the job ladder maybe a thing of the past. As time goes on I think we'll see more and more service type jobs go to automation. 

This robot-powered burger joint could put fast food workers out of a job
A robot-powered burger joint is coming to San Francisco.

In 2012, secretive robotics startup Momentum Machines debuted a machine that could crank out 400 made-to-order hamburgers in an hour. It's fully autonomous, meaning the robot can slice toppings, grill a patty, and assemble and bag the burger without any help from humans. The internet flipped out.

Years of relative silence ensued, but in January, Hoodline's Brittany Hopkins learned that the San Francisco-based startup had applied for a building permit to convert a ground-floor retail space in the SoMa neighborhood into a restaurant.

Now it looks like the restaurant is actually happening. A job posting on Craigslist from early June gives us our first glimpse into how the company's future flagship, presumably opening soon, might work.~