Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Democrats Politics of Division

Apparently the DNC has decided that the problem with the 2016 election is that they didn't hate white people enough.

 Candidates aspiring to take over as chairman of the Democratic National Committee met Monday night to discuss what went wrong in 2016 and how to get the party back on track.
Early into the event the candidates gravitated toward a particular scapegoat for the party’s poor showing in November: Political consultancies owned by white people.
“We have to stop, particularly with the consultants,” said the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Jaime Harrison. “You cannot come to the DNC and get a contract and the only minority face you have is the person answering the phone.”
Minority consultants “need to get the same resources that the white consultants have gotten,” said a Fox News analyst and candidate for the chairmanship, Jehmu Greene. "The DNC did a piss poor, pathetic job" attracting minorities, she said.
Democrats must provide “training” that focuses in part on teaching Americans “how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white,” urged the executive director of Idaho’s Democratic Party, Sally Boynton Brown, who is white. ~snip~
I don't understand how exclusionary politics  is going to turn things around. They lost because Americans of all kinds felt marginalized and ignored by the elitists.
The republicans are really not much better either, they're just more subtle about it.

If they're so tone deaf that they don't see that we want a leader whose first concern is opportunity for all Americans then I don't see how this could be a winning strategy for any party.
But, if this is the hill they want to die on then more power to them.

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