Monday, January 23, 2017

Leftism Fracturing

Here's the problem when each miniscule grievance group demands to be validated by all the others. Not only are they offended by regular Americans going about their lives clueless about the subtleties of grievance politics but they end up offending each other.

 Transgender Activists Upset Over ‘White Cis Women March’
Transgender activists are upset that the women’s march over the weekend was not inclusive to biological men who identify as women, as the protest presented an “oppressive message” that having a “vagina is essential to womanhood.” 
Saturday’s event to oppose the inauguration of Donald Trump was largely a “white cis women march,” with too many pictures of female reproductive organs and pink hats, according to trans women and “nonbinary” individuals interviewed by 
A fight is brewing between “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” or “TERFs,” and transwomen, according to the article, “How the Women’s March’s ‘genital-based’ feminism isolated the transgender community.”~snip~
While the liberal media has been have Chris Mathew type tingles over the so-called "women's march" they've ignored the Trans rights hissy fit over their lack of inclusion.
You know they'll have to get around to making a deal out of it to placate the Trans warriors thus diluting the impact of all the "coming together".

The next 4 years we might actually see the unraveling of the SJW's......pretty neat huh?

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