Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good Idea Gone Bad

Here's something that could possibly become a trend now that live streaming has become a thing.

Another girl hangs herself while streaming it live — this time in Miami
For two hours, Nakia Venant broadcast from the bathroom of her Miami Gardens foster home, eventually fashioning a homemade noose from her scarf. The live feed ended abruptly.

Nakia, a petite 14-year-old with long hair and a sweet smile, killed herself overnight Sunday while live-streaming the event.

Administrators with the Florida Department of Children & Families would offer little detail Tuesday about Nakia’s death, other than to confirm that both child welfare administrators and the Miami Gardens Police Department were investigating the suicide death of “a child … in the care of a foster family.”

“We are absolutely horrified and devastated by the news of this young girl's death,” said DCF Secretary Mike Carroll. “We will do everything we can to support this family and all those who cared for her as they begin to heal from this tragedy. We will conduct a comprehensive, multidisciplinary special review to examine this child’s history and the circumstances related to serving the child.”~snip~
I don't know if stopping live streaming would have prevented something like this from happening, you've gotta wonder about people who would watch something like this though.
This could become another dark side of the internet. I wonder how long it'll take before someone comes up with the idea to create a "suicide live" website for all the voyeurs out there?

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