Saturday, August 13, 2016

Truth Hurts eh CNN?

I think it's about time the media started getting the comeuppance they deserve.

The truth is the media is biased lecturing us on everything from "gay" rights,gun control, abortion,BLM and any other left wing socialist idea there is out there.
Instead of remaining neutral and presenting both sides of any position they actively cheer lead for the far left.
People are getting tired of it and instead of reporting news they are desperately trying to sway people towards one candidate while demonizing the other.

Of course in their minds it's because of Donald Trump, it couldn't possibly be their own behavior that is responsible for the building backlash.
Everything they touch is being tainted by the media. I've personally avoided the Olympics,along with many others, because of the PC/diversity lectures.

If they want to see the reason for the hostility towards them then maybe they should look in a mirror.

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