Tuesday, August 9, 2016

RINO Ryan wins GOP nomination

Once again the republican party rewards the bad behavior of weaselly RINOs by enabling their undeserved lifetime appointments.

House Speaker Paul Ryan wins GOP nomination to run again
JANESVILLE, Wis. (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday defeated a longshot Republican primary challenger who had been praised by Donald Trump.

Ryan beat businessman Paul Nehlen in Tuesday's Wisconsin primary. Nehlen had been courting Trump supporters and won praise from the Republican presidential nominee last week. But Trump endorsed Ryan days later.

"I'm humbled and honored that Wisconsinites in the 1st Congressional District support my efforts to keep fighting on their behalf," Ryan said in a statement to The Associated Press. Ryan said he and his wife, Janna, were grateful and thankful for the support.

Ryan had largely ignored Nehlen in what had been a sleepy primary before Trump thanked Nehlen on Twitter for his comments defending Trump. Nehlen won the backing of some prominent conservative figures, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, but it wasn't enough to overcome Ryan's popularity in his southeastern Wisconsin district.

Ryan was first elected in 1998 and this is his first re-election win since becoming speaker last fall.~
It's amazing to me that the RINO party just keeps re-electing and believing the same corrupt liars over and over again who bend over for democrat policies.
Every time I read some RINO supporters post about  how his "morals" and "integrity" won't allow him/her to vote for anyone but a "true" do nothing "conservative" on social media it makes me want to puke on my keyboard.Then they have the nerve to bitch and moan when conservative policies are't advanced by what is supposed to be a majority of republicans.

Two things you can count on,democrats will do what they say they will and republicans will get on their knees to kiss their backsides.
All you RINO supporters deserve what you get.

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