Monday, August 15, 2016

Facebook's War on Ad Blockers

Probably one of the most useful tools out there if you surf the web is Ad Block Pro. Since I've installed it on my Chrome Browser I've really enjoyed my web experience.
My biggest complaint is not really ads per se but the ones that constantly block content and force you to dismiss them several times before getting to what you want to read.
If they confined themselves to the sidebars or above and below the content then I'm fine with them.
Also the ones that causes a lag with loading the page can be really annoying.

But since Facebook considers themselves wiser than everyone else they are going to find a way to force ads on us.

Meta-web: Facebook is now blocking ad blockers

I would think that by forcing ads on us Facebook will become more like network TV, you'll get a little content with your wall of commercials.

I would suppose as a private company the argument could be made that they should have the power to decide content. But before long it'll pretty much be like the lame networks who create content based on the funniest or most embarrassing commercials.

Leave it to Facebook to find a way to take the "social" out of social network.

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