Saturday, July 2, 2016

Feeding the Beast

I'm all for discouraging people and kids to either quit or never take up the habit of cigarettes.
But what I'm not for is government finding ways to feed its insatiable appetite for more of our money.

New Cigarette Taxes Could Be On Ballot In Hesitant States 
 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — An entire generation has come of age since the last time Missouri raised its cigarette tax, from 13 cents a pack to 17 cents, in 1993. 
Today, it's the lowest tax in the nation. And Missouri is one of just three states — along with North Dakota and California — that has held cigarette taxes flat since the turn of century. In that time, other states have increasingly tapped smokers to fill budget gaps and raise money for services such as health care and education. 
That could soon change. Petitions are seeking to put higher cigarette taxes on the fall ballot in all three of those holdout states, as well as Colorado. 
Victories by anti-tobacco advocates would add to a surge that has already raised tens of billions of dollars for states while helping drive down the nation's smoking rate, from about a quarter of adults in 1990 to fewer than 17 percent in the most recent surveys.~
I get it that cigarettes are disgusting  and really if you think about it bans on smoking have really done more than the punitive taxes to reduce it.
My concern is where will it end?
Taxes aren't levied because government cares about you, they do it to confiscate more of your money to make it theirs.
They're already going after sugar and lets face it, pot legalization has more to do with revenue collection than "the will of the people".
Since when does the government give 2 shits about the will of the people?
Most will blindly go along with it and then government will use it as an excuse to find revenue where they please.

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