Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another Media Squirrel Moment

All this plagiarism talk over Melania Trumps speech at the RNC convention is starting to wear on my nerves.
ABC news spent about 4 minutes on the subject tonight, lets face people, neither Melania Trump or Michelle Obama recited the Gettysburg address, The only difference that I could see is Melania may have meant what she said......Michelle not so much.

It's just another distraction by the media that they engage in at every presidential election that I can remember and just one more example of how poorly the media serves the voting public.
What amazes me is the number of people who fall for it and those numbers keep rising.

What really surprises me is that there hasn't been a huge backlash against the purveyors of crap journalism by the consumers in this country.
We should all be angry at the way the media embarrasses itself and the first amendment that they claim to revere.

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