Sunday, March 19, 2017

A real perk with your coffee

You really gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit out there.
In stark contrast to Starbucks promise to hire 10,000 Muslim refugees you got these competitors thinking outside the box.

The coffee isn’t the only thing that’ll perk you up at this cafe 
A coffee shop has a bikini dress code which the female boss claims is “empowering” but a city councillor has argued it exploits women.

The uniform sees the women don bikinis or underwear with some choosing to simply have colourful stickers over their nipples, as they serve coffee from a stand in Washington.

Bikini Beans Espresso is owned by entrepreneur Carlie Jo and has seen huge success – possibly due to the dress code.

Ratings have soared on Yelp and customers regularly leave comments about the staff online.

Although the risky uniform has received criticism the owner is adamant it empowers women.~snip~
You know I get really tired of hearing about the idea that men shouldn't be able to appreciate the female form.
There's whole industries based on making women more attractive, in movies, magazines and on television and it's ridiculous to expect men not to notice.

I'll bet the coffee is good to.

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