Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Social Media, How far is to far?

Here's something to think about when sharing pictures of your little darlings on social media.

Girl Sues Parents over Embarrassing Facebook Photos
An 18-year-old girl from Austria has started legal proceedings against her own parents over their posting of embarrassing photos of her childhood on Facebook which she claims have made her life miserable.
The girl’s lawyer, Michael Rami, claims the girl’s parents have posted over 500 photos of her since 2009 without her consent, including photos of her having her nappy changed as an infant as well as her in toilet training.

Furthermore, her parents have refused to delete the images, which were shared with over 700 Facebook friends, with her father claiming they are his intellectual property.~
Grandparents need to pause before posting that cute little picture also. In an age where peoples history can be retrieved  with the click of a mouse, what might be considered cute and sharable could become embarrassing and turn those kids against you years from now.

Something to think about.

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