Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Social Justice Football League

I think I've pretty much lost my enthusiasm for the NFL.

Multiple Philadelphia Eagles Players Protest National Anthem During Monday Night Football Game
The Philadelphia Eagles have joined in on growing protests nationwide in which NFL players refuse to stand during the national anthem before the start of football games during the 2016 season.

During a Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, multiple Eagles players stood with one fist raised in the air during the anthem. An American flag was held on the field by a local police and two fans in the stands held a sign reading, "Stand up."

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said after practice Saturday that he believes there will "definitely" be Philadelphia players who will show their feelings about social injustice prior to kickoff, following San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other players around the league's lead, ESPN reported. Jenkins was among the players who raised their firsts.

"Last week, we talked about doing some stuff, but we wanted to make sure that we didn't do anything to take away from the families that suffered from 9/11," Jenkins said. "We didn't want to mess with that day, so we left last week alone. But moving forward, I'm sure there will be guys that will probably join in."~
I've watched professional football for a lot of years, decades actually and until this year I've always looked forward to each season.
I can't say I'm really "boycotting" per se, I just don't feel the urge to watch a display of social justice before a game. Since Bob Costas' gun rant on Sunday night football the SJW's assume that they'll have a captive audience to spew whatever drivel they like apparently with the blessings of the league.
I really just don't want to hear it or be subjected to it.
It's not why I watch football, the reason is to escape the droning propaganda of the leftist tools that want to force their ideology on me.
I'm not going to do it anymore.

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