Thursday, September 1, 2016

Media Bias on Display

I've thought for decades and have seen it verified over and over again that the media is basically just a propaganda arm for leftist democrats.
Not just in the big things but in the smaller things also.
Here's something to think about.

Guess what was so controversial that CNN had to blur it out?
Speaking as someone who watches cable news in general and CNN in particular seven days a week, I’ve seen them air some significantly off-putting video at times. It usually comes with a warning for small children to leave the room, but we’ve seen videos of people being shot, horrific automobile or train wrecks and the carnage left behind after terror attacks. Rarely does CNN engage in censorship to the extent of applying a “blur” to images unless there’s some nudity or a close up of an actual dead body. But this week their sister network, Headline News, finally found an image too objectionable to air. It was a gentleman (identified as a hero) from New Jersey who had saved a toddler from a sweltering hot vehicle. So what required the blur? He was wearing a Trump 2016 shirt. (Daily Wire)~
Now there's an argument to be made that the guy wore that shirt to specifically insert his politics into an interview that wasn't about politics and HLN blurred it out so it wouldn't distract from story about saving the infant.
But that's pretty weak sauce considering that if it was a ready for Hillary shirt I doubt if they would have had the same considerations.
After all,think about the history of the rabid leftwing lapdog media. If you think they would have treated a Hillary shirt the same then congratulations, your brain has been successfully washed.

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