Wednesday, April 26, 2017

With Layoffs looming ESPN still defiant

I used to be a big NFL fan despite detesting the idiot announcers, you would think in this modern age on screen graphics would suffice for displaying stats of game.
What finally threw me over the edge was their insistence that I would be interested in their views on anything other than the sport. That's why I never bothered with ESPN.

Well it seems a lot of people have decided not to bother with ESPN, it used to be that you had to pay for that channel whether you liked it or not. But not anymore and it seems that more than a few people have opted for alternatives that leaves them in the dust.

Consequently ESPN has had to trim the budget and like most businesses that means someone's gotta go.

ESPN bloodbath begins with 100 layoffs

Now personally I couldn't care less about ESPN's layoffs cause I didn't watch it but some people who are sick of the pontificating and angry that they didn't get what they were paying for are kind of happy that ESPN is starting to reap what they have sown.
It isn't going down to well with the SJW contingent of the sports media.

He shouldn't be worried through cause ESPN has no intention to change and will continue to pander to social groups who couldn't give a shit about sports but are fanatical about "social justice".

Like it or not, ESPN isn't sticking to sports
“Hey, ESPN: Stick to sports.”

I’ve read thousands of social media posts and reader emails about ESPN over the past 15 months. If there’s one phrase that tends to surface most frequently, it’s that chestnut suggesting the network’s only proper place is in the athletics lane.

Yes, when it comes to ESPN -- the self-proclaimed “Worldwide Leader in Sports” -- the concern of many fans is that it’s no longer focused enough on sports. Some complain too much focus has been placed on culture and politics, with the most fire directed at FiveThirtyEight, The Undefeated, the new SC6 show and even one of the network’s graybeards, Outside the Lines, the title of which describes exactly the coverage some would like to see less of.

As I wrote in November, the desire to draw a boundary between sports, culture and politics is a fool’s errand. Sports has always intersected with culture and politics. It isn’t a recent phenomenon; it’s been true for more than a century. If you don’t believe that, search the names Jack Johnson, Jim Thorpe, Babe Didrikson Zaharias or Moses Fleetwood Walker. (OK, I helped you out there).

ESPN, in fact, just removed any question about the sports-politics-culture intersection when it released new political guidelines that loosen the restraints on commentary about politics and culture, though stressing that such discussion should connect to sports whenever possible.~snip~
So crippling the franchise doesn't seem to be enough,
Maybe some of the big time execs will get hit with a clue bat before ESPN is dead and buried but I really doubt it.
Social Justice requires absolute obedience to the grave.

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