Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The legacy liberal media has gone from reporting to out and out deception. That seems to be modern journalism.
It didn't end after their constant cheerleading for Hillary for months before the last election. In a way Trump has the media to thank for winning the presidency. It's finally gotten to the point that if people see the media against it then it must be alright.

Anyway we got a couple of things that came up today that illustrates perfectly how the media distorts things.
First off we got this:

 DHS: USA Today Got Its Big Scoop On Deported ‘DREAMer’ Totally Wrong
USA Today reported Tuesday that an illegal immigrant protected by Barack Obama’s amnesty was deported in February after spending an evening with his girlfriend. However, a Department of Homeland Security spokesman told The Daily Caller that this story is false because Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez did not receive amnesty and was caught climbing over a border fence when he was detained.
Thing is that now that someone has printed the truth about their "story" it won't really matter cause their circulation is larger. Don't expect USA Today to correct this lie.

then we got this little gem:

AP Changes Fresno Shooter’s Words From ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Removes Islam Reference
The suspect, 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, holds fervent anti-Trump beliefs according to his social media profile, and he told police afterward that he hates white people.

Rather than reporting the gunman’s literal words, however, the AP reported the gunman as saying “God is great.”
As if "translating" the words for us would mitigate the fact that it was a lone wolf Muslim that attacked and killed 3 people.

Modern news is no longer about reporting the facts, it's about decieving and manipulating us, grown adults, like we're children.

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