Friday, March 24, 2017

GOP's AHCA Pulled

Like most older Americans I have somewhat of a vested interest in a reasonable health bill. I hold no hope that we'll actually get one.
As I've said before the government has been interfering with health insurance for years yet they never take the necessary steps needed to make it truly consumer friendly.

House Republicans pull health care bill
President Trump and the House GOP on Friday abruptly canceled a vote on the Republicans’ health care plan minutes before it was scheduled to begin, it was reported Friday.

The move came as a growing number of Republican moderates and conservatives signaled they would vote no.

The lack of GOP support was an embarrassing rebuke to Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who had vowed to repeal and replace ObamaCare with their own plan that would cut benefits to millions of Americans.

CNN reported that the health care bill was pulled at Trump’s request, following a meeting with Ryan at the White House.
Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of empathetic and caring health care professionals out there but there also are more than few who have taken advantage of our system as it exists and quite a few who have engaged in out right fraud. This increases costs for all of us and forces hospitals and insurances companies to increase costs to compensate for their loses.
Currently the only choices we got are which doctor.....sometimes...and which hospital we go to....sometimes. After that our "choices" are pretty limited.

Something really needs to be done about the fundamental economy of health care, something that benefits consumers more than insurance companies and hospitals.
If the GOP can tackle that they'll have something.

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