Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So Milo Resigns.....

Here's a video of part of his press conference.

Milo deserves to be called out on his statements on the video but that video has been available on YouTube since Jan. 2016.
Personally I can't believe it just surfaced out of nowhere, nothing in politics is coincidental.
So the question I got is why wait until now to make a deal out of it?
I've always felt that lionizing a gay man to represent conservative values to be a mistake but at the same time I really resent the blatant manipulation used by political operatives from both sides.
Lets face it....someone held onto this revelation not to protect conservative "principles" but until it could do the most damage.

While Milo has a lot to answer for so do the entities that held onto this "revelation" until, in their opinion, the time was right. They need to be called out also.

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