Friday, February 10, 2017

Scared of eternal life

First time I've ever heard of this.(video at the link)

The Crippling Fear of Everlasting Life
While many dream of an afterlife, people with apeirophobia are terrified of eternal existence. Where does this fear come from? “I suspect that, in apeirophobia, one comes to the realization that after death you will live forever—if you believe in the afterlife—and in simulating that experience in your mind, one realizes that there is no way to project ahead to forever,” says Martin Wiener, a neuroscience professor at George Mason University. “That experience is, inherently, anxiety-provoking.” In this animation that explores apeirophobia, people who struggle to grasp infinity confess their uncertainty about what happens after death.~snip~
I like to believe that we go on after we die although I'd really like to have an idea of what it would be like. I mean what would your everyday activities look like?
I was raised Christian and Jesus promised a place for us in his fathers house and I like the idea that we'll be united with loved ones in the afterlife.
But how will we occupy our time in eternity.
Will we have a job or hobbies? Is there any kind of job or hobby you'd be happy to do for eternity?

That kind of uncertainty makes me a little apprehensive but it would and is silly to be fearful of something that you can't do anything about.

But then again that's what phobias are really about, being extremely or irrationally fearful.
Not the politically correct crap that the media or grievance groups try to pass off to us.

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