Sunday, February 26, 2017

On Boycotting the Oscars

You know here's the thing about boycotts there are some people, like me, who couldn't care less about most the stuff being boycotted.
Take Starbucks, please, I tried it once and concluded it was overpriced swill, ain't bought a cup since.
I haven't stepped into a Target in decades and see no reason to do so.

The Oscars?
Watched it one time and decided it was a waste of my time. No one I've ever worked with nor anyone in my family has ever mentioned or as far as I know cared about it.

None of us ever cared to see multimillionaires stroke their egos live.

Donald Trump supporters to boycott Oscars in protest against ‘Limousine Liberals’
It should be a glittering celebration of artistic endeavour where the women dazzle in designer gowns and men look sharp in their well-cut dinner jackets.

But this year’s Oscars are more likely to be remembered for what is said than what is worn.

Just over a month into the presidency of Donald Trump, hostilities are expected to be resumed between the new incumbent of the Oval Office and America’s entertainment industry.

Mr Trump, perhaps conveniently, will not be watching as he and the First Lady will be attending the Governors’ Ball in Washington.

But his supporters have already made it clear that they will have no truck with people they regard as “Limousine Liberals”.

A Facebook post originated by Republicans in Arizona has called on the “backbone and decent people of America” to stand up against the “bitter people of the entertainment industry”.

The group hopes its supporters will hit the television ratings by voting with their remote controls should Mr Trump come under attack during the acceptance speeches. The political sympathies of nearly all the nominees suggest that this is possible.~snip~ 
This article tries to make the assumption that actors and actresses are more important to "regular" people than they actually are. Just another example of how out of touch Hollywood elites and the liberal media are.

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