Sunday, January 29, 2017

The False Hysteria of the Media and the Left

You know if you go by what the leftist lick spittle media is reporting then you could only come to one conclusion.
That America is having a total meltdown over Trumps recent immigration EO.

That's mostly because all they have to do is walk outside of their ivory towers,which happen to be in large urban centers, to get good sound bites and pictures of the protests.
The same crime ridden over populated urban centers that voted for Hillary like the herd of sheep that they are.

They also expect us to believe that these protests are some "spontaneous" reaction to Trumps perfectly legal exercise of his constitutional powers, instead of the astroturfed spectacle that it actually is. Which basically cements their belief that these large urban centers should determine the beliefs and policies for the rest of the country.

What's really missing from the lazy asshole media is reporting on what the rest of the country (real America) thinks of a temporary pause and extreme vetting of immigrants ,legal or not, from countries that constantly demonize Americans.
The fact of the matter is there are more than a few of them that want to kill and maim us and the left and their media enablers are fine with that.
As unbelievable as it is we seem to be living in a time where the media can subvert the safety of all Americans and be smug and self righteous about it.

The time may have come where we're not going to fall for it anymore.

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