Monday, August 1, 2016

It's not about comfort, it's about fashion

I haven't worn shorts since I was a kid but I don't object to them. Designers and retailers are really the ones who push the whole "fashionable" thing to line their pockets.
I would think if someone is comfortable then why would anyone care?

Nice Cargo Shorts! You’re Sleeping on the Sofa
Dane Hansen, who operates a small steel business in Pleasant Grove, Utah, says that throughout his 11-year marriage, 15 pairs of cargo shorts have slowly disappeared from his closet. On the occasions when he has confronted his wife about the missing shorts, she will either admit to throwing them away or deflect confrontation by saying things like, “Honey, you just need a little help.”

Mr. Hansen, 35 years old, is now down to one pair of cargo shorts, and he guards them closely. He has hidden them in small closet nooks where his wife can’t find them.

“I don’t let her get her hands on them,” he said. “I wish I had caught on sooner.”

Relationships around the country are being tested by cargo shorts, loosely cut shorts with large pockets sewn onto the sides. Men who love them say they’re comfortable and practical for summer. Detractors​ say they’ve been out of style for years, deriding them as bulky, uncool and just flat-out ugly.~
Personally I would think if this was causing trouble with relationships then it's the relationship that needs questioning.
Not the cargo pants.

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