Thursday, August 25, 2016

Go Topless Day...Boom or Bust?

This image doesn't exactly sell it but for a careful observer this could be a good day.

Go Topless Day returns to Hampton Beach Sunday
HAMPTON — Police have no plans to increase staffing for Go Topless Day on Sunday, saying they anticipate the event will be like any other day at the beach.
Police Chief Richard Sawyer said police intend to respect women going topless at the beach, as it’s legal in New Hampshire. Hampton is one of several locations across the country where Free the Nipple supporters intend to gather Sunday to celebrate their movement. This will be the second year in a row that supporters of the movement will do so at Hampton Beach. Sawyer said last year’s Go Topless Day caused no need for extra police attention either.
“They’re exercising their right under the law,” Sawyer said. “I understand some people are offended by that. We don’t plan to pay them any attention.”
Sawyer also said police have not been made aware of any counter protests against Free the Nipple supporters. Some women have said they were harassed on occasion by other beachgoers when removing their tops, one claiming they had ice cubes thrown at them. Sawyer said police will address any criminal activity Sunday like they would in any other instance.~
I won't be able to make it but for those that do on the one hand FREE THEM NIPPLES and on the other happy sight seeing.

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